Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Seasonal Moving Tips

Winter is quickly approaching and as you know, Chicago winters are nothing to shake a stick at. Moving in the winter is sometimes unavoidable, especially when it feels like winter time for the majority of the year. Chicago moving companies like us know the challenges of a winter move! There are a few things you should remember when moving around this time of year so everything goes smoothly.
  1. Prepare for snow: Old man winter can come knocking at any time and icy, slippery conditions can slow down the moving process. Make sure your shovel is the last thing you pack up on moving day! Have salt and a shovel ready and make sure you create wider paths than usual. Remember, there are more people going in and out of your home when you’re moving, so wider paths can make transporting your valuables much safer.
  2. Prepare your new home: Is the heat on in your new place? This seems pretty self-explanatory but this is one of those measures that are often over looked. Moving into a cold apartment or house in the middle of winter is no fun and slows down the unpacking process.
  3. Prepare your floors: Lay down something around the entrances to your new home before the move even begins. The last thing you want is to do is intense carpet cleaning after settling into your new abode. Make sure you lay down something non-slip – using tarp is a disaster waiting to happen.
Devon Moving Company can help you make your move much easier. We are one of the best Chicago moving companies because we offer complete packing services, long distance services and more at an affordable price! But remember, wintertime brings a lot of challenges and being prepared is the best way to avoid what could potentially be a difficult move.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Step 1: Have a Plan

Moving is a stressful time and Devon Moving Company works hard to relieve the majority of the stress that is associated with moving. What makes Devon Moving Company the best movers in Chicago is that fact that we work quickly, safely, and affordably – however, you know better than us how your home or apartment should look!

Having a game plan once the big day arrives is crucial to the fluidity of the move. When you decide on a new home or apartment, it’s easy to envision your belongings in that new area. Though all too often, people forget about the smaller things and when that important time comes, they don’t know where to put it.

Adding confusion to the moving process is never recommended, so what we do recommend is creating a floor plan and writing down where everything goes! Make sure you are aware of all your large pieces: sofas, beds, dressers, etc. and know where you are going to put them in the new place.
From there you can concentrate on some of the smaller items such as lighting, small tables, and decorations so you can get a better understanding on what you are working with. Without a floor plan for your new dwelling, it’s hard to know where everything is going to go and if everything is going to fit.

Take it from the best movers in Chicago, you’re going to want to plan ahead!