Friday, January 29, 2016

Moving Your Office In The Most Efficient Way

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office-moversYou own a successful business in the Chicago area, with a great reputation and a solid customer base. Your business is growing at a such steady pace that you have outgrown your present office space and need to move to a new location that better serves your customers. It is a tough decision to make because you have been in this location for many years and your customers are accustomed to having you there. But in reality, by moving your office to a new location, it will be more efficient for you, and it will increase the productivity of your operations to better serve your clients. The question is, how do you efficiently move your office into a new location without affecting your productivity and customer loyalty?

Plan well in advance

There are many factors that are associated with moving the location of your office; have your clients been advised well in advance of your move, will you experience any down time, how will this affect your productivity in the short term. The best way to ensure that your transition to a new office goes as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible, is by hiring a professional office moving company. At Devon Moving Company in Chicago, we specialize in moving your office to its new location in a professional manner, and we work to minimize the impact on your productivity.  We are a cost effective solution for your moving needs

Your Office equipment is well taken care of

The most important factors to consider when hiring a moving company is whether they have a good reputation in the business community and if they can deliver the equipment on the specified date and without any damage. Devon Moving Company is the leading company in Chicago when it comes to the office moving industry. We know how valuable your time is, and how important it is to deliver your office equipment on time. We are available on weekends and after business hours to accommodate your busy schedule. Our expert packers and movers take care to properly wrap your equipment to prevent damage, and transport it in a safe manner. We are fully bonded and insured and our employee’s backgrounds are verified to ensure that they are honest and trustworthy.

Here are some of most important benefits from hiring Devon moving company.

  •    You ‘don’t have to physically exhaust yourself, we do all the heavy lifting
  •    We are registered with the Better Business Bureau
  •    We have a great reputation in the business community
  •    We are a family owned business that is dedicated to customer satisfaction

For increased peace of mind and to make that sure your office is moved with a minimal loss of productivity, trust the professionals at Devon Moving Company. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (773) 829-7174, or fill in our online appointment page and one of our agents will contact you.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

What To Expect From Moving Companies

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devon moving companyWe live in a world of constant change; our families grow, the children age and seek new opportunities in new frontiers. It often becomes necessary to move out of our homes in the Chicago area, and into new communities that are sometimes located at a great distance. Moving into a new home can be a daunting, stressful event that can overwhelm us at times, so it is important to plan properly to ensure that we minimise the stress that we put ourselves through. What is the key ingredient that is needed to help us transition into our new home that will cause us the least amount of hassle?

Hiring the right moving company is a smart move

The key to minimising the anxiety that comes from having to move our families into a new home, is by hiring a professional moving company to handle the job. At Devon Moving Company in Chicago, we know how difficult it can be to uproot your life, so we go to great lengths to minimize your stress. Our moving crew are trained to handle your belongings in a safe and secure way to make sure that they arrive undamaged at your final destination. We wrap all your furniture to ensure that it is well protected from any potential damage and we secure it in our trucks to avoid any damage from the transport of your goods. Our movers take care of all the physical stress associated with moving so that you can concentrate on the more critical things that come from moving into a new environment.  

What about the hidden costs?

When you deal with Devon Moving Company there are no surprises with our final bill. Our expert staff will walk you through the whole process and prepare you a comprehensive quote for the job that contains no hidden fees. We will visit your location and take a complete inventory of your belongings, so that you are sure not to be missing anything at your destination. We minimize any confusion with your move by assigning one coordinator to your contract who will take care of you from the beginning of the process right until the end. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience that is unrivaled by any other of the moving companies in the area.

Here are the most important reasons that makes rise above our competition.

  •       We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to
  •       Our staff is highly trained and motivated by customer satisfaction
  •       We provide total package solutions for all your moving needs
  •       We value our customers and treat them in a courteous and respectful manner.
  •       We are fully bonded and ensured

When planning your next move, whether it’s simply a short local move, or a move that takes you right across the country, trust Devon Moving Company in Chicago to do the job right. Contact us to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Are you looking to relocate nearby?

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Relocating Elements And also The Complete Relocating Firms

There is no location like residence! This is why we assure you that we understand this city throughout as well as will certainly have the ability to supply a risk-free, reliable as well as convenient devon moving companypath in moving your personal belongings. We have our pleasurable as well as well organized team prepared to assist in intending the logistics of the step as well as our specialist moving companies will certainly place this strategy right into activity.

Why use our solutions?

Interstate relocating is not that dangerous like the relocating worldwide.

We will certainly allow you recognize immediately the prices as well as not have any sort of covert costs in enhancement to offering accurate estimations throughout query
You need not be perplexed on which to get in touch with throughout the entire relocating procedure. There is just one planner that will certainly deal with you initially up until completion.
The team that we have actually is educated, experienced, customer care oriented, and also the very best that could be discovered in the city.
We will certainly offer a group of experienced specialists that will certainly see your house as well as price quote along with do an in-depth supply.
Your things and also furnishings will certainly never ever experience any sort of blemishes or breaks as we cover every little thing to make certain security throughout transportation.
Our fantastic responses and also high scores are an evidence that we make our clients satisfied and also pleased.
Bulk of our clients are our satisfied and also previous consumers! Our repeat customers merely like our solutions

Interstate relocating is not that harmful like the relocating globally. The individuals have to check of the certificate number of the relocating firms in order to declare the settlement for the harm and also obligations.

This last instance, the marvelous piano, is an instance of just what could be demanded as an additional solution together with packaging and also unloading a specific sort of your house hold points or furnishings looking like, accessibility of people mover establishments or otherwise. Customers ought to ask concerns concerning feasible up costs throughout the estimating phase which they give online several of the moment absolutely free to individuals want to relocate.

If the individuals have the large amount of money to function for relocating, it would certainly extremely sensible choice to employ the complete solution relocating business. Relocating is taken into consideration as the complete of anxiety and also problem event of life. One method to address all these inquiries is to look into the various kinds of relocating business and also after that determine which kind will certainly ideal match your requirements.

Locate a reputable relocating firm is bit challenging activity for individuals, as relocating things does not take place frequently in life. Individuals need to obtain the concepts of the completely satisfied buddy, family members as well as from the next-door neighbors. One more most persuading means to recruit the solution of the relocating business is to eyebrows on the net and also discover the moving companies’ web site where the supply their solution information.

If the individuals have the substantial quantity to function for relocating, it would certainly really sensible choice to recruit the complete solution relocating business. Full-service relocating firms are the most standard of the various kinds of relocating firms.

Full-service relocating business are the most conventional of the various kinds of relocating firms. They load, fill, drive, discharge, as well as relocate furnishings around. The moving companies make all the choices for you according to your relocating list which mirrors the points to do and also take with relocating belongings, from the ordinary, like just what dimension box to make use of, to the technological, like exactly how to obtain the marvelous piano up to the 2nd flooring.

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Intra-building Moving

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Need A Lift Down The Hall?

While moving companies are considered just relocating you from your structure right into an area outside, we likewise offered relocating inside the exact same structure. If you ever before require chicago moversto make some additional room or to reposition furnishings and also spaces, or merely to have cost-free location for an event, we could aid you arrange this. Our customer care will certainly cover this motion as if you were vacating the city or perhaps the nation!

Our home or business as well as workplace intra-building motion solutions:

Significant and also hefty things that could not quickly be raised such as pianos, safes, and so on
. Redesigning the home of make it prepared for any type of watching.
If you are refurbishing and also would certainly should liberate some area we could aid you relocate some things around.
Preparing the following most significant celebration in your room? We could aid you develop that added area to fit your visitors.
If you remain in belongings or fine art and also vintages that are fragile and also seeking expert aid in walking around your house or fine art room, we could likewise offer aid.
If you are renovating your residence, have you taken into consideration re-arranging the furnishings? We have specialists in indoor setup as well as could be able to assist as opposed to investing cash on makeover.
If you seem like doing these activities is a little bit frustrating for you, after that do not worry! You could attain this headache as well as tension cost-free with our specialist solutions and also for a reliable price that will certainly not drain your pocketbooks or your human brain.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Here Are A Few Tips To Get You Moving!

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Are You Moving?

Here Are Things You Should Not Forget

Moving from one house to the other is a major event. Apart from having a baby, exams and driving tests, moving is the other stressful thing in most people’s lives. The feel that you are about to chicago moving companymove all your possessions, even if it is around the corner, can be stressful and problems can continue growing as the moving day approaches. The main cause of the common moving problems is forgetting some things that shouldn’t be forgotten. This is why you need to read through this post to understand some of the most common things that are forgotten and why you need to remember them.

Mail Redirecting

Courtesy of technology such as phones, email and smart phones, mails have faded into the shadow of forgotten things. This happens mostly when people move from one house to the other. Just because you are getting your mails on the computer and phone messages, you should not forget about your mail. If you get things delivered through the mail, this can bring about some problems later on. Make sure you inform people or companies of your new address. For the regular mail, just go to your local post office and inform them about your move.

Packaging Supplies

Most people are always thinking about the actual move that they forget about the supplies that will make the move possible. The most important are the packing boxes and cardboards. While most people will not forget the boxes, they just tend to underestimate the amount of stuff that will need to be put in boxes. This results in a lot of unpacked stuff and if time is not on your side, you will be under stress. To be on the safe side, you need to start collecting moving boxes way before the moving day.

Moving Services

If you are planning on using the services of a moving company, it is important that you book in advance. Moving companies are always working and it is a good idea to ensure that you will get them in your designated moving day. Keep on calling to remind them of your moving and ask them if they offer other services.  This can include packing, cleaning, unpacking and arrangement. Keep in mind that you will only get great services if you choose to work with an experienced professional moving company.

Canceling Utilities

Before you move out of the old house, you should ensure that you cancel your utilities. Without an official confirmation that you have moved out, the bills might keep coming and the next tenant might enjoy free services. There also might be some complications and this is something you will want to avoid. As you cancel the utilities in your old home, it is important that you ensure that your new home has all utilities running.

It is the small things that can really mess your moving process because most of the major things are easy to remember. By adding these minor things to your checklist, you will avoid the stress that comes with moving.

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