Friday, December 12, 2014

Preparing for the Arrival of your Movers

If you’ve never hired one of the many moving companies in Chicago before, it can be scary. You may be uncertain about what you’ll be responsible for or how to properly prepare for the arrival of your movers. Here are a few preparation tips that will ensure a smooth moving day for everybody. 

·         Before the movers arrive, know the company guidelines. There are some things that movers will not move, as per company restrictions. For instance, some will not move flammable items or household cleaners while other will not handle things for liability reasons, such as important documents or medication. You may be required to transport these items on your own.
·         Prepare your home and items for the arrival of your movers. Ensure that doorways are not blocked by boxes. Prepare larger pieces of equipment—empty your fridge and allow for the proper time to defrost. Drain the water line from your washing machine. Failure to carry out these simple necessary steps will result in a delay and could lead to extra costs for you.
·         Keep pets contained. Letting your furry friend run freely puts not only the pet in danger, but also the movers. If you can, have a friend watch the pet for the day, or, keep him or her contained in a room that is already packed up.
·         Have drinks and food ready. You certainly aren’t responsible for feeding your movers a gourmet meal, but having bottles of water on hand or ordering a couple of pizzas will keep you and the movers feeling energized throughout strenuous activity. This extra thought will go a long way in the service you receive.

Hiring a moving company can help to make your move easy and quick. Use these tips to prepare for their arrival, further making your day a success! 

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